ArtReach Challenges | Outdoor Creativity

The program, in brief:

Guided by art teacher Laura Brino, this Nature-in-Place activity guides you (and your family members of all ages) to create 3 unique, nature-inspired art works. You’ll reap the healing benefits of being in nature and creating art — a potent combination that’s sure to lift your spirits during these uncertain times. 

Enjoy this 9 minute video and you will: 

  • Be inspired to get outside, even in your back yard, or nearby park, to thoughtfully engage with nature and art. 
  • Learn to make three art works by every day objects from your home or yard: a Found-Objects Mandala, a Nature Portrait and finally a Fall Leaf Lantern.
  • Enjoy a few minutes of guided instruction by a surprise instructor at the end (wait for it, truly!)  

<b><a href=””><img class=”alignleft wp-image-15902″ src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”299″></a>Guided by:</b> <b>Laura Brino</b>

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Laura Brino is an art teacher serving as outreach coordinator at <a href=””>Maryland Hall</a> — a regional cultural center and community hub. She is accompanied by a few all-star pupils in this video.&nbsp;</span>

Maryland Hall is also home to one of our <a href=””>Sacred Places</a> that features a labyrinth and is used by artists and students on a regular basis and by visitors who come to reflect, meditate and enjoy the outdoors.