Nature-in-Place Curated Picks
May 28 Dispatch

The pulse of the news only seems to quicken these days. So let's lower ours. This week's curated picks reconnect us with the beauty of nature, art and each other — helping us to feel grounded, lower stress levels and regain a little footing. 

Feeling a little frontier?

Then step right up! The good folks at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society are offering a Beginner Food Growing Workshop, “a crash course in food growing”, this coming Monday, June 1. 

Grow your own food!  

You’re an avian artist!

You just don’t know it yet. Join Bartram’s Garden this Sunday online to learn techniques for drawing birds. All ages and levels of experience are welcome!

Join in!   

Fancy design?

Here, an architect shares beautiful hacks for bringing the sun and wind into your house with reflections and projections for less than $50 a pop. 

Welcome the sun and wind  

“I’m bored.”

Not anymore! Here are 25 Nature Science Ideas for kids. We seriously want to check out the bug hotel — and very much appreciate the simple act of analyzing dirt. So much inside! 

Dig in. Literally.  

The Beauty of Pollination.

The poetry of nature. Made visual and stunning in this short film. 

Immerse thyself.