Nature-in-Place Curated Picks
Mother’s Day Dispatch

This early May week, we're thinking about mothers — mothers of children, mothers of invention, mothers of all kinds. We're thinking about the many ways mothers are managing life in place right now; it can be stressful. To this, we say, bring us the Mother Nature! Let's find some moments for self-care this week. Here are our top picks from around the globe: enjoy!

Don’t mind if I do!

Weeell, it’s quite likely that we won’t be traveling to a far-away garden destination right now, so! Escape together virtually with these “Ten Virtual Garden Tours To Do from Home” — brought to us by the pros at Garden Illustrated. Don a fancy hat and on you go!

Let the touring begin!  

You know how the simple ones can look best? 

The secret is focusing on the practice. Not the outcome. Here, we learn three basic steps to flower arranging, mindfully, in a “moving meditation”. 

Bring me the flower therapy  

Could she possibly be a mom with kids at home right now?

If so, she’s likely mastered some of these ten killer breathing techniques — intended to help combat stress and anxiety. We’re in.  

Show me how!  

Way better than the store-bought kind.

Check out these fun ideas for making nature crafts. Honestly, the Handprint Tree is super awesome (Parents! Take note!) 

Hand-make with love!