Nature-in-Place Curated Picks | Dispatch 1

Tidy idea-bundles for connecting with nature — in-place.

Curated from our network of friends and allied organizations, or just awesome stuff we've come across, we're serving up our top picks  for creatively connecting with nature from your house, yard or stoop. Each is hand-selected to help lift our spirits, heal and boost our moods. 

Looking for creative ways to have fun in your backyard with young people?

Our friends at Tinkergarten have you covered. They offer DIY activities that are easy and wildly fun, and “all you need are basic household items and a spot outside—whether that’s a quiet corner of a park, on your stoop, or in your own backyard.”

Check them out  

This Bay Cam is great for taking in nature—live—from a super high vantage point which happens to be a kind of vrbo for osprey and geese.

Thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for giving us this live nature connection! Hint: be sure to check out the video that we’re calling “The Goslings’ Big Day”. (Spoiler alert: the babies fly and swim for the first time!)

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These five virtual botanical garden tours will transport and delight you.

Here you can explore the bucolic gardens of England, France, Chicago, and Hawaii, complements of House Beautiful. A nature-couch-escape we heartily recommend!

Savor these.