O’Hara Development Partners CDC is a non-profit organization that provides financial wellness and housing education programs in the communities in which they develop. Through local and national partnerships, they also have a housing and financial counseling initiative that prepares people for homeownership. They focus not only on economic tools to strengthen communities and reduce blight but also manage greenspace to increase the availability of functional outdoor spaces.

This site is located in Baltimore’s Midway neighborhood and would be Nature Sacred’s second collaboration with O’Hara Development Partners. It will be a beautification site for emotional healing, offering a different sort of respite than other parks in the area which are used for active recreation. The layout of the park has been previously set, but needs revitalization, and O’Hara Development Partners will be engaging with various partners such as Mother Seton Academy and Morgan State University on the design and future programming. Once it is complete, the park will be a welcoming gateway to the Midway community.