Baltimore Clayworks is a community-centered ceramics institution in the Mt. Washington neigh­borhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Founded by nine artists in 1980, the organization possesses a national and international reputation for artistic excellence, artists’ support, and community involvement in the ceramic arts. Baltimore Clayworks is committed to the principle that making and appreciating art are essential to the nourishment of the human spirit, a deep alignment with Nature Sacred’s principle that nature and intentionally designed green spaces are essential to the human spirit.

Baltimore Clayworks is already home to a Sacred Place complete with sky-reaching plants and flowers, ceramic sculptures, and an incredible clay fountain created collaboratively by resident artists. After noting the high demand for more places for pause and reflect on campus, Baltimore Clayworks hopes to expand these opportunities through a second Sacred Place on their campus. Additionally, they hope to increase accessibility for those who might have mobility issues and incorporate native plants with educational markings.