The Greater Baltimore Medical Center demonstrates clear intentionality to utilize nature as complementary to the other health services that occur on this impressive campus. The hospital has expressed a wish to engage their unique community of providers, staff, associates, patients, and visitors in the design of a Sacred Place that would provide a natural sanctuary and respite from the stress and trauma they might experience in their everyday lives. Careful thought and consideration for the wellbeing of the heroic healthcare workers at GBMC is evident through a culture that encourages those staff members to utilize the grounds for walking and other outdoor experiences throughout their workday.

This Sacred Place will be located adjacent to the Labor & Delivery Unit, which will allow easy access for providers, staff, and visitors. The Nature Sacred Design Team will also focus in on natural privacy screening for the patient room windows that overlook the site, along with focal points of beauty and interest that could be viewed from those rooms.


Design Team:

Jay Graham, Nature Sacred Design Advisor