About Marian House

The mission of Marian House is to nurture self-esteem and give troubled women the tools they need to realize their full potential. The Outdoor Sculpture Garden came into being as an outgrowth of the work of Marian House. Four 6 ½ foot tall female caryatids sculpted in marble are mounted on the front façade of the large brick building. The female figures overlook a 1,650-square-foot “cloistered” courtyard situated in the center of the U-shaped building. The paved courtyard offers a gentle, gurgling fountain, green trees, shrubs, flowers and several benches for sitting.

The four “monumental women” designed by artist and sculptor Claire McArdle are representative of the transformation women go through at Marian House. They are named after the four values of Patience, Honesty, Integrity and Trust that Marian House aims to instill in all of the women they serve.

Residents and staff of Marian House and community members alike utilize and enjoy the space throughout the year. The courtyard lends itself as a great area to build a snowman in the winter, enjoy the first blooms of spring, bask in the summer sun, and take in the crisp autumn air.