About this Sacred Place

The St. Paul’s School is a K-12 college preparatory school located near Baltimore City. Here on the campus can be found a Community Labyrinth and Peace/Meditation Garden, important tools for students and the greater community to help in understanding how important quiet time is for maintaining a physically, mentally and spiritually balanced life.

Both the community and faculty use the labyrinth for workshops, community events and class sessions. Though St. Paul’s is not as close to downtown Baltimore as other projects, it still maintains its openness to others, as seen through its summer programs that invite multiple inner city schools to walk the labyrinth and enjoy the garden. Curiosity surrounding the labyrinth has played a role in building and strengthening community bonds, as everyone has an interest in it. The location of the labyrinth allows for privacy for people trying it for the first time, or those coming back many times experiencing peace and meditation in life.