About this Sacred Place

The Hospitality Hub of Memphis works to help people exit homelessness. Their staff leverage decades of combined experience to identify challenges faced by their homeless clients and works with them to implement solutions that best suit their needs. The Hub and Nature Sacred collaborated to bring 3 Sacred Places to the Hub’s new building, ensuring space for peace, contemplation, and healing was incorporated into every facet of the campus design from the get-go.

Nestled into an inset of the building, the Staff Courtyard is a Sacred Place for the dedicated employees of the Hospitality Hub to find respite and solace. This space is visible through full-length windows from within the building, and directly connected to the staff break room to entice folks to take a break outside. The design includes a patio table and chairs for staff to take lunch breaks and gather together, and a couple other small groupings of seating, one of which includes a bubbler fountain. It has quickly become a much-needed and often sought out decompression space for the staff.


Design Team:

Jay Graham, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, Moody Graham Landscape Architects

Maddie Hoagland-Hanson, Moody Graham Landscape Architects