The Journal Project | A Collective Chronicle

Friends — a uniquely beautiful movement of gratitude and unity has been quietly born amidst the swirl of today’s crises. A movement that stars a nature journal, a pen, and people eager to process thoughts — and share them.



See, waterproof journals are tucked inside the benches of Sacred Places across the country — offering blank pages for reflection. Over the last two decades, we’ve received thousands of entries — expressions of joy, grief and happiness — quick vignettes of daily life in communities of all shapes and sizes. 

During these turbulent times, entries have revealed a deeper kind of reflection — a stronger sense of togetherness, solidarity, and gratitude. Acute, thoughtful observations are being penned — offering sentiments of support and inspiration to others. People they don’t know. People who might read it. People who might need it. 



This sparked an idea: what if we captured this period in time — collectively — via a collaborative, digital crisis journal? One that we all contribute to from all corners of the country? One that knits together the details of what we’re experiencing — right now? What kind of picture might we paint, together? 

So we are: we’re launching today the Nature Sacred Journal Project — a collaborative chronicle of thoughts, experiences, doodles, reflections — created by all of us, collectively. 

Your involvement is easy — simply grab a piece of paper, head to nature, and let your thoughts fly. 

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