A passive site, an active community

Be careful not to walk by too fast or you’ll miss it — tucked behind First Street in historic Eastport-Annapolis, MD, Jeremy’s Way is a quaint dead-end block lined with colonial-era homes, pale stucco walls and colorful flower boxes that appear to be plucked straight from the streets of Venice. The tiny lane beckons you to wander down — and if you do, you’ll find yourself in a small, yet enchanting Sacred Place at Jeremy’s Way.  

One of three Sacred Places in Historic Eastport, a small section of Annapolis, Jeremy’s Way falls into the ‘hidden gem’ category of Sacred Places – discreetly tucked in a street end park. 

Some people are summoned into a Sacred Place – answering its call to sit on its bench, to pause and reflect in a peaceful natural setting.

A note sent to to Nature Sacred from a visitor at Jeremy’s Way

In many instances, individuals are routinely drawn to their Sacred Places for community togetherness, events and programming. Others are happened upon by happy surprise – a pocket of green eager to be discovered, creatively embedded into city landscapes.  

Although Jeremy’s Way welcomes visitors in a more passive way, this is one of our most visited Sacred Places – treasured by local residents and passersby alike. See for yourself — pictured here is a note we received from a visitor to Jeremy’s Way.

Recently a phone call to our Project Manager, Neha, revealed just how important this green space is to the Eastport community.  

A long-time resident of Jeremy’s Way, and active community member, Phyllis reached out to our team to let us know that the bench was in need of repair. Neha acted quickly, reaching out to Ron, our Horticulturalist and Bench Specialist, who came out later that week to make the repairs.  

The newly repaired bench at Jeremy’s Way

The Jeremy’s Way community was so thrilled to see their beloved bench looking restored, and this love for the space was rediscovered and passion reignited, thanks to Phyllis.

When I had the chance to meet with her at the Sacred Place, we were able to uncover some incredible recent history of this space. While she is not an official Firesoul, Phyllis has been maintaining the space, planting and weeding, and replacing the journals for years as well as advocating for the park as a participant of the Eastport Environmental Committee. What a treat it was to discover that a box of about a dozen full journals she had saved! 

We are so grateful to Phyllis for reaching out to let us know the Jeremy’s Way bench was in need of repair. We welcome all Firesouls to flag any bench repair and replacement needs with us at any time. You can also visit this website to learn more about regular care and maintenance for your benches.