Nature Sacred Network Funding Requests – Enrichment and Enhancement Grants

Programming and proper maintenance are both critical components of a healthy and thriving Sacred Place. That’s why we are offering two funding opportunities for existing Sacred Places through Enrichment and Enhancement Grants, partially funded by the Generations Fund.

Enrichment Grant:

Getting people together, outside, can yield such positive outcomes—improved health; stronger, more unified communities; reduced stress and more.

In years past, we offered some community “in the garden” programs to our network, classes and events such as Yoga, Storytime, Nature as Teacher and STEP.  

Yet, as Firesoul, you know best what your community may appreciate — what they will find enriching and enjoyable. 

The idea: you customize & plan it, we fund it.

We leave it to you to identify who & what you might invite in—think Art in Nature (where a local artist or two lead a creative session); a Season Opener with some local partner organizations (ideas here); a class or event of some kind that might mean something to your community (other ideas here and here). 

Enhancement Grant:

Enhancement grants are intended to aid in maintenance and repair needs for key design features and additions or beautifications for the Sacred Place. Examples include: repair to fountains and pergolas, additional seating or hardscaping, pollinator gardens and other planting enhancements. 

Promotion and marketing support:

Nature Sacred is also available to support you and your efforts through marketing and promotional materials. From flyers to social media images to blog posts – our team is available to assist in getting the word out to your local community and beyond about the exciting happenings at your Sacred Place.

If you have some thoughts on a program you’d like to see us fund, or if your Sacred Place is in need of some TLC, drop us a note below. Your submitted information will go to Erin, who will contact you to work together on the details. 

Feel free to submit your request any time—just be aware that we’re awarding program funding in three rounds this year, the deadlines for submissions have passed. Please keep an eye out for next years’ deadlines!

*Note that our enrichment and enhancement grants are made possible, in part, by our new donor-supported Generations Fund that celebrates the role of elders as caregivers and stewards of their families, communities and nature. Inspired by matriarchs and patriarchs of the Cromwell and Tipper families, and in the spirit of familial and community heritage, the Generations Fund supports existing Community Healing Sacred Places and their Firesouls through enrichment and enhancement grants.

Request Funding Here

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

"A quiet place. My soul grows still. This, indeed, is a balm for the weary, a shelter for the beaten. I am so grateful for this sacred space. I am now renewed."

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