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139 Ingram Drive, Piedmont, Alabama, USA

About this Sacred Place

A dentist by profession, but a Firesoul at heart, Benjamin Ingram checked off a box on the “bucket list of his heart” through the creation of the “Endless Seasons Around the Sun” park at the Piedmont Health Care Center in Piedmont, Alabama. The center’s mission of providing long-term care to the elderly is mirrored through the feelings stirred by time in the park: rest, encouragement, and reflection.

Through Ingram’s eyes, he sees the park as a Sacred Place for all “sojourners” to experience the healing impacts that nature can have on life. For visitors traveling through the garden, they interact with the shady respite of a structure named the Portal, which is an apt description as it leads the visitors through the rest of the park. The garden goers will then make their journey through the plants and benches of a path that leads them to two large horizontal and analemmatic (an elliptical sundial design) sundials to experience the endless movement of time and seasons. This Sacred Place is truly a holistic healing for individuals of all ages who come here for peace and reflection.