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Bryan Ibrafall Wright

Bryan has dedicated a large portion of his life to the work of creating, building, maintaining, and educating people on the power of nature. He has worked in the field of agriculture and ecological preservation for many years as a consultant, director, manager, farmer, and organizer. As a Firesoul and founding member of the Indigo Farm at Bmore Legacy Farm in Baltimore, Bryan is invested in using his skills and experience to share the power of nature with those who need it most.

I think that nature is humanities greatest teacher, and thus, the problems that are needed to be solved can be found in nature. My work is to preserve nature and bring people to nature as students open to listen and learn from nature. Bmore Legacy Farm provides inspiration and hope to the people of Upton. Bmore Legacy Farm reminds many of the elders of their lives in the southern regions of the country prior to migrating further north to Baltimore. The farm provides beauty, hope, and inspiration in a community that does not always have a canvas that shows those attributes so clearly. Bmore Legacy Farm provides food, jobs, and educational opportunities to the Upton Community. Bmore Legacy Farm is a gift that we hope to develop, grow, and maintain.

My Sacred Place

Natural Dye Initiative Indigo Farm – Coming Soon

Located in one of Baltimore's most thriving historically Black neighborhoods, The indigo farm is working to support local Black and Brown farmers and experience the tradition of producing natural dyes.

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