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John Iaquinta

John is the Director of Operations at Langton Green and oversees the 13-acre farm in Millersville, Md. and its many programs and activities, including vocational programs and opportunities for individuals at Langton Green, raising livestock for therapy activities, growing produce for Langton Green’s residences and sharing surplus with other nonprofits in need, and serving as an educational resource for the wider community.  John is a mentor, trainer and friend to the individuals at Langton Green and helps them gain job skills and experience through Langton Green’s vocational programs, such as landscaping services for the wider community. John has a B.A. in English and was a teacher of special needs students for eight years before joining Langton Green in 2005.  Prior to that John has worked almost every direct care position Langton has to offer.

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Langton Green Community Farm

Langton Green is an Anne Arundel County-based residential community that supports adults with intellectual disabilities. The Community Farm provides vocational training and work opportunities while serving as a source of food and income.

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