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Regina Hammond

Regina is a 39 Year Homeowner in the Johnston Square neighborhood of Baltimore. She serves as Founder and Executive Director of Rebuild Johnston Square Neighborhood Organization, and represents her community while lead engagement efforts to carryout the mission of the organization’s goals; Reviving this once thriving multicultural community that has fallen victim to marginalization and divestment like so many others in Baltimore.

We asked Regina why her Sacred Place is important to her community, and her dedication to serving those around her is clear.

Johnston Square is a distressed, redlined community in East Baltimore City that had been disinvested for decades. Our organization found that adopting 30 vacant lots and transforming the neglected community park was effective in bringing hope back to the community, not to mention raise the quality of life for its residents by providing and clean, green, safe environment.

My Sacred Place

Rebuild Johnston Square Neighborhood Organization – Coming Soon

A swath of vacant lots in Baltimore's Johnston Square neighborhood that could be transformative for this area.

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