Hope in action

Twenty-twenty has been a year of transition for Nature Sacred. The same can undoubtedly be said for the world. We’ve grappled with a pandemic, as individuals and as a society; we’ve wrestled with social unrest and a bitter election season. Yet at the same time, we’ve also continued to celebrate life and take part in activities that evidence our hope for the future:

We plan for it.

We are already envisioning 2021 as the year of healing, and our just-completed strategic plan supports this. Any debate over how we characterize nature’s importance to society is over. We’ve watched this year as it has moved from an amenity to a necessity to something essential in our lives. Our work is cut out for us at Nature Sacred. And we are ready.

We’re growing to help meet the challenge. We have welcomed Megan Cooke as Director of development and anticipate further additions in the year to support intensified efforts to see that more of us have the opportunity to experience a healing, Sacred Place.  As a part of those efforts, we’ve launched our We Belong campaign to support Firesouls across our network and nation. We invite you to support that effort. 

As we move into 2021, our commitment to DEI remains strong. To support our efforts, we have hired a consultant, S. Rasheem, to aid with the development of our DEI Advisory Board, which we will announce next year. 

Thank you for being a part of Nature Sacred’s journey, our shared journey to bring communities together to experience the healing power of nature; as always, we invite you to continue lending your ideas, support and passion. We are truly grateful to each of you.