Moments of reflection: Nature Sacred’s Time Capsule Program

In celebration of Nature Sacred’s 25th anniversary, we supported the creation of a number of time capsules, buried at various Sacred Places. As we wind down the year, we took the opportunity to hold a moment of reflection, celebration, and imagination for the years ahead. 

CEO, Alden Stoner, incoming Board Chair ‘23, Pascal Mittermaier, and Co-Founders, Kitty and Tom Stoner, with grandson, Wyatt Stoner peeking out on the left

We kicked off the time capsule program by burying our Nature Sacred’s Board and staff time capsule at the Sacred Place located at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation headquarters, Inspiration Point in Annapolis. This intimate event at the very first-ever Sacred Place wrapped up our 25th anniversary celebration the previous evening.  

Horticulturalist Ron Ammon with a selection of plants to place beneath the capsule

Staff, Board members, supports and our Co-Founders gathered to reflect on the past 25 years of nature-making, while sharing hopes for the future. Included in our time capsule were some sacred objects from the last 25 years, photographs, a letter from our CEO, and aspirations for the organization 10 years from now from staff and Board.

Our amazing and soul-genic horticulturalist Ron Ammon laid the time capsule on a bed of carefully selected flowers and leaves so that future archaeologists would know the time and place of the burial. Everyone present took turns adding a shovel of dirt on top. 

We weren’t the only folks celebrating our 25th anniversary with a time capsule! In November, Enrichment and Enhancement grants supported the creation and time capsule event for Village Learning Place in Baltimore, MD.  

Firesoul Liesje Gantert shared about the festivities.  “Founders, staff, volunteers, and community members came from all over the city, and beyond, to enjoy in the festivities. The day included adult workshops in the library, activity stations in and around the community garden, a children’s story time and neighborhood parade, live music, delicious food, a moon bounce, and more. It was a wonderful way to commemorate a quarter century of service.” 

Community members celebrate at Village Learning Place’s 25th Birthday Celebration

Other Firesouls from around the Network have events planned. In 2023, Cheryl Tyiska from Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Pastor Gary Dittman from Amazing Port Street Garden, Donald Quarles from Kirby Lane Park and Rev. Jenn Allen from Bethany House and Gardens plan to celebrate the new blossoms of the season with their own time capsule events.  

We look forward to seeing what creative ideas Firesouls and their communities come up with in the spring!