Curated Picks | July 10

Right now, we're experiencing a watershed moment: a seminal, dynamic period in our lives. Across the country, we're accepting an open invitation to reimagine the ways we live, work and coexist in the name of equity and justice — and doing the important work of holding ourselves accountable to realize meaningful change. Confronting our past and present, listening in earnest, and rebuilding the systems around us can be hard work. Nature can help. This week's curation is the first in our new series — Nature for Change — designed to offer inspiring stories and resources to remind us how nature can offer us strength, unity and the perspective to persevere — to do the important work ahead. 

A cultural rewilding.

What “so many of us have found in this experience of ‘sheltering in place’ is that nature never closes, that it is always at the ready, and that it is ready to heal and to teach.” Rue Mapp, nature revolutionary and founder of Outdoor Afro on the work being done to ensure equity in nature — and why it matters.

Let's rewild.   

Love conquers hate — via nature.

This is a story of Pearl Fryer, a man who responded to a bigoted remark through nature — rising to national acclaim. This inspiring story is captured in a film, view the trailer here and you can join our friends at AVAM — home of this creative Sacred Place.

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Nature is sanctuary.

What do you do when you move to America and you’re not made to feel welcome? For Afrouz Rahmati, you turn to nature. Here, she found respite, perspective and the strength to persevere in her new home.

Hear her story.   

Women: Pro tips!

“You can still be superwoman, but first you need to carve out time, reserve energy, and cultivate space for personal development. One way to do that is through exercise, journaling and meditation.” Yes! Follow the awesome work of the Outdoor Journal Tour for more #wehiketoheal inspiration and resources. 

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