Nature for Change

How nature can transform us —
individually and collectively.

Two major events have — and continue to — shape 2020; Covid-19 and the surge of social action protesting racism and inequality in America. Individuals and organizations are committing to end racial discrimination and are embarking on the important work of holding themselves accountable to build a more equitable, just society.  

Nature can play a potent role in realizing these goals. It offers paths for people to heal, renew and strengthen. It can serve as a unifier of communities — a means to celebrate culture, place and history in creative, sometimes unexpected, ways. It is here, in nature, where many people find clarity, inspiration and hope — often in scant supply during turbulent times — to give us the strength to persevere, to better understand one another, and do the good work ahead to make positive change in the world. 

How? What does this look like? This Nature Sacred Series — Nature for Change — explores the ways in which nature can nourish, fortify and influence positive change. Here, we will offer examples, how-tos and stories to inspire the ways you encounter nature — and how it can empower change in your life and community.  

There is work to do. Nature can help.

Curated Picks | July 24

We’re digging in. We’re rolling through a pretty mighty heatwave in many parts of the country, while grappling with a pandemic and an uncertain future. This is a summer we won’t soon forget. To this, we invite you to dive into this week’s digital care package — some mental nourishment to remind you that we’re in this together — that there are amazing people striving to realize positive change in and through nature.


Curated Picks | July 10

Confronting our past and present, listening in earnest, and rebuilding the systems around us can be hard work. Nature can help. This week’s curation is the first in our new series — Nature for Change — designed to offer inspiring stories and resources to remind us how nature can offer us strength, unity and the perspective to persevere — to do the important work ahead.


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