Renewal, hope & promise: it’s Earth Day 2020.

We’re celebrating the 50th Earth Day — an event that’s delivering a stirring message of hope, change and solidarity, particularly poignant right now.

It can be easy to fixate on what’s wrong and broken —  yet many of us are also recognizing what is good, what is sacred and what to be grateful for. Then doing the bold, crucial work of finding effective ways to support and protect those very things. 

Steve Coleman, Firesoul, captured it best today, fresh from visiting his Sacred Places:

“So many transformational stories to share. And now, yes, it’s amazing, even as we are all wearing masks, to see the Earth getting a chance to breathe. The silver lining in all this is that we are learning that we have the capacity to make dramatic changes for the health of each other and the planet.”

Inspired by some of the journal entries he’s seeing here and here, he put his own pen to paper. We can’t think of a better homage to Earth Day this year. Thank you, Steve!

Head to ground
Hand to heart
Eyes to sky
Breath to infinite.
I am opening
Petals in the wind
Out of stiff darkness
Into tender light
Mourning doves call me
Are my ears dancing?
Wide wonder beckons
A moment of grace
Wings soar overhead
The human hums pause
Breathing in this place
Breathing out wonder
Nest songs lift my heart
Carry me aloft
Tiny wings in endless sky
I am Earth.

–Steve Coleman



Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


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