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Steve Coleman

For Steve Coleman, his passion for nature and parks, and thus his identity as a Firesoul, has been ingrained in him since a very young age. Steve has a personal connection to both of his Sacred Places: he helped found groups to protect and maintain them as a kid over 50 years ago.

At Washington Parks and People, Washington D.C.’s leading nonprofit dedicated to activating public lands for community growth and revitalization, Steve serves as the Executive Director and President. He describes his work as “community park transformation,” Indeed, Steve’s work has an immense impact on the community around him.

“We help people reconnect with the land and use the land to reconnect people with each other. In doing so, we are helping to restore nature as a vital force in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Steve’s two Sacred Places, the Meridian Hilltop Park and the Marvin Gaye Amphitheater in Marvin Gaye Park, are true anchors of their respective communities.

The Meridian Hilltop Park are both beautiful landmarks in D.C.’s Meridian Hill neighborhood. The park is an Italian-designed garden, with majestic stone arches and stairs leading to a beautiful reflecting pond. The park is said to be set on the exact same longitude that the original marker of Washington D.C. was set on. It hosts weekly outdoor community events such as musical performances, meditations, and races and is a perfect viewing point for July 4th fireworks in the nation’s capital.

The Marvin Gaye Amphitheater, named after the iconic American musician, is located in Northeast D.C. The amphitheater hosts a summer concert series, plays, and forms a part of the larger park surrounding it, which is a positive community space.

For Steve, being a Firesoul is all about pushing his Sacred Places closer to being the best places they can be for the community which they serve.

“Firesouls are people who see the deeper meaning and power of natural places to breathe light, beauty, community, power, and peace into our world.”

Steve takes his passions of nature and community, and combines them to improve the world around him, making him a true Firesoul.

“The most powerful tool on earth is community. When we bring together the natural and human communities, we can do anything.”

My Sacred Place

Marvin Gaye Park, in partnership with Washington Parks and People

Marvin Gaye Park is the longest continuous city park and creek in D.C. Since 2001, its decline from the previous decades has been turned around, cleaned up and once again made a place for people to enjoy themselves and their community.

My Sacred Place

Josephine Butler Center, in partnership with Washington Parks and People

The Josephine Butler Parks Center, which sits atop Meridian Hill, is Washington’s “greenhouse” for celebrating and advancing once-forgotten green spaces all across the capital and beyond.

My Sacred Place

Marvin Gaye Greening Center, in partnership with Washington Parks & People

A 1-acre urban farm operated by Washington Parks & People hosting educational programming and stewardship in DC.

My Sacred Place

Columbia Heights Green, in partnership with Washington Parks & People

Once home to dilapidated garages and serving as a magnet for illegal dumping of garbage, the lot now known as Columbia Heights Green is now a hidden oasis with raised beds, verdant plantings, and lots of gathering space.

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Steve has 12 years of experience working with a global organization that supports sustainable and affordable housing to underserved communities. His interests and efforts also included investment in environmentally friendly communities. Currently, Steve is working to supporting efforts that provide natural sustainable environments that upgrades and empowers communities’ experiences of nature. Nature is important to...


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