About this Sacred Place

The East Baltimore Midway community is budding with all levels of diversity. Newly renovated and built homes have brought in people from various professions, especially those of the veterans community. The Boone Street Lot, once an urban farm, has contributed to an overall lack of sense of safety for nearby residents since its abandonment. Noting the lot’s potential and past history, O’Hara Development Partners CDC secured the site and generated a creative design concept based on the outcomes of several community meetings. The concept will resurface the former ability for children to play outside while neighbors keep an eye on them, while retaining elements of its former agricultural productivity. This will continue the activation of greenspace within the neighborhood begun by the revitalization of the Boone Street Commons, just across the street from the Boone Street Lot, also done by O’Hara Development Partners.

Nature Sacred and O’Hara Development Partners’ collaboration on this site will further O’Hara Development Partners’ goal of providing the community with a strong asset in the form of a green space as it begins to recover from neglect and disinvestment.


Design Team

Heidi Thomas and Cherisse Otis, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, EnviroCollab

Tom Brokaw, architect, 7th Street LLC