New Report | The Healing Power of Nature

How Green Space is Improving Health and Wellbeing in Cities

This report compiles some of the most recent, powerful scientific evidence underscoring the health benefits of nature. A collaboration between Dr. Eugenia South, a physician-scientist with expertise in the health benefits of nature; Nature Sacred; and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the report looks at nature’s power to heal both our physical and mental health, and the health of our communities. 

Who should read this report? Time-crunched urban planners, administrators and decision-makers, healthcare providers and public health officials, and community foundations. Anyone advocating for and/or working to create new green space where it’s needed. 

Why read it? To gain a quick briefing; key facts that help strengthen and inform decisions around the development of green infrastructure in cities and communities, and for suggestions of ways to connect people with nearby nature.

“This report highlights what we know about nature and health in urban areas, and aims to push nature to the center of our conversation about what it means to create healthy, thriving cities.”

— Eugenia C. South, MD, MS Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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