A magnetic force of nature

In a world increasingly fraught with isolation, distress, and haste, Tom Stoner, Co-Founder of Nature Sacred, sought to foster moments of beauty, peace, and tranquility, of true human connection, for all.



Tom co-authored ‘Open Spaces, Sacred Places: Stories of How Nature Heals and Unifies,’ a book highlighting the power of Sacred Places.

Always an innovator, Tom’s earlier years were spent building a broadcasting company and then, the world’s largest cellular tower business. Yet it was his work with Nature Sacred that he considered his life’s most important, what drove him for over a quarter century.

Nearly three decades ago, in a London city park, Tom and Kitty, his wife of 50 years, experienced a shared transformative moment in nature. It was in that serene space, enveloped by a sudden profound sense of calm and healing—that the germ of an idea was formed. 

Upon their return to the US, they set about founding the TKF Foundation, which would later become Nature Sacred. Through this work, he helped bridge gaps, brought solace, and instilled hope.

It was this work that Tom would ultimately consider his most important, that would become his greatest passion and legacy, profoundly impacting people and communities far and wide — from New York to Baltimore; Washington, D.C., to northeast Alabama; and Iowa to Oregon. 

Those who knew Tom personally recognize that beyond the Sacred Places he helped establish and nurture, beyond the movement he helped start, his legacy was a spark he shared with all he met. It was part of his magic.


Tom was a magnetic force of nature, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds—landscape architects to Wall Street investors, neuroscientists to prison wardens—into the world of Nature Sacred’s mission.

Continuing the Journey

As we remember Tom and his work to better the lives of countless people, we also carry forward his legacy. The seeds he planted continue to grow, inspiring us to nurture the connection between nature and humanity and to create spaces where healing and unity happen.

We are better for Tom’s vision and the gratitude and joy he carried. On behalf of the Nature Sacred team and the Stoner Family, thank you for joining us to celebrate the beauty he created through the nationwide network of Sacred Places and the countless relationships he fostered.

Read Tom’s full obituary and stay apprised of memorial arrangements.


Wyatt, Alden, Kitty and Tom Stoner at Inspiration Point in October 2022 — burying a time capsule to mark Nature Sacred’s 25th anniversary. The first-ever Sacred Place was established in 1996 at Inspiration Point at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s headquarters.


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In lieu of flowers and other tributes of respect, the Stoner Family invites you to make a memorial gift to the Nature Sacred Co-Founders’ Vision Fund, which will provide unrestricted revenue in support of our mission to inspire and support the creation of public, contemplative green spaces where they are most needed. 


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