Austin Auclair

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Austin Auclair

Austin is a game designer who professionally spends his time building scavenger hunt walking tours to encourage people to explore and interact with the world around them. 

As a Firesoul, Austin is passionate about maintaining and advocating for his community and Sacred Place. 

My Sacred Place

César Chávez School – Coming Soon

This Sacred Place will include an area for students who are in need of mindful/ meditative breaks, as well as an outdoor classroom space to engage learners in nature based curriculum. 

Meet Another Firesoul

Kenya Miles

Kenya is an artist, educator, and natural dyer based in Baltimore City who has been growing natural dye plants and reconnecting her community with this historically and culturally significant practice. Kenya works for The Blue Light Junction, which aims to re-establish craft traditions through the lens of natural dyes. “Cultivating plants and people are vital...


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