The César Chávez Dual Language Spanish Immersion School is a Spanish immersion elementary school with 88.4% minority enrollment, greatly in need of an outdoor learning classrooms and “calming down spaces.” The school recognizes that their diverse community feels somewhat disconnected with the actual campus, due to virtual learning in the COVID-19 pandemic. The faculty, staff, and parent representatives have shown interest in using Nature Sacred’s community-led design process as a catalyst for connectivity.

A concept plan and prioritization of spaces already exists. The school has expressed a need for an outdoor space for students who are in need of mindful/meditative breaks, as well as an outdoor classroom space. Nature Sacred is working with the school to produce an engagement process to envision and activate a Sacred Place on their campus.


Design Team

Heidi Thomas, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, EnviroCollab

Cherisse Otis, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, EnviroCollab