Frazier Burroughs

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Frazier Burroughs

As the Parks and Recreation Department Director for the City of Anniston, Frazier is responsible for providing leisure activities for all patrons that he serves.

As a Firesoul, helping to enhance quality of life for the citizens of Anniston is his main focus. Frazier’s Sacred Place is important to his community because it provide a venue to relax, reminisce, and visualize the rich history of the West Anniston area that was once called a “City Within A City”.

My Sacred Place

Mural Park at West Anniston Gateway, in partnership with CFNEA

This quarter-acre pocket park will offer a means for reflection; a place for people to feel an understanding of Anniston's rich history; a step towards revitalizing this important neighborhood; and a means to bring people together in the name of unity.

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