Frazier Burroughs

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Frazier Burroughs

As the Parks and Recreation Department Director for the City of Anniston, Frazier is responsible for providing leisure activities for all patrons that he serves.

As a Firesoul, helping to enhance quality of life for the citizens of Anniston is his main focus. Frazier’s Sacred Place is important to his community because it provide a venue to relax, reminisce, and visualize the rich history of the West Anniston area that was once called a “City Within A City”.

My Sacred Place

Mural Park at West Anniston Gateway, in partnership with CFNEA

This quarter-acre pocket park will offer a means for reflection; a place for people to feel an understanding of Anniston's rich history; a step towards revitalizing this important neighborhood; and a means to bring people together in the name of unity.

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Kelly Collins Choi

Kelly Collins Choi is the Board Co-Chair for Wangari Gardens. Kelly fell in love with Wangari Gardens after moving into the neighborhood in 2014. While the community gardens were thriving, there was an unrealized opportunity to make the surrounding green space welcoming for the entire community. Thanks to support from Nature Sacred, the park is...


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