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Kate Culzoni

Kate Culzoni the current PTO President for Cesar Chavez Dual Spanish Immersion elementary school in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Her interest is transforming a part of the school grounds to connect, grow, reflect and learn for students and the surrounding community.

My Sacred Place

César Chávez School – Coming Soon

This Sacred Place will include an area for students who are in need of mindful/ meditative breaks, as well as an outdoor classroom space to engage learners in nature based curriculum. 

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Samantha Lee

Mandy (she/her/hers) facilitates collaborative, multi-stakeholder efforts for environmental and climate justice through the design and development of communities and the infrastructure that sustains them. She organizes with her local mutual aid network and community garden and is a vegan and bread baking enthusiast. Mandy is deeply passionate about community-driven climate, food, and environmental justice initiatives...


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