Marisa Wittlinger

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Marisa Wittlinger

Marissa is resident horticulturalist for the Annapolis Parks and Recreation. She enjoys working with City of Annapolis residents and volunteers to help beautify public spaces throughout the City. Nature is a place of solitude for Marissa. As a certified Arborist, Marissa loves trees. Marissa stewards many parks around the city, but Waterworks Park is her favorite hidden gem.

My Sacred Place

Annapolis Waterworks Park

This 500-acre park is situated one mile west of the Annapolis Mall, and is one of the few open-space resources in the area which provides the public with hiking trails, as well as places to picnic and fish.

Meet Another Firesoul

Jenenne Whitfield

Hailing from Detroit, Jenenne’s professional background is rooted in the intersections of nature, people and art. Prior to coming to AVAM, Jenenne worked for an organization that utilizes discarded materials to create art and beautification projects within community landscape. Now as the Director of the American Visionary Art Museum, she gets to take her practice...


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