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Michael Cross-Barnet

Mike has spent most of his life in cities, but has always felt very connected to nature and wild places too. He has dedicated himself to working or volunteering with community-based nonprofits for the past decade. Mike loves Baltimore and his neighborhood of Reservoir Hill, and wants to see them thrive. Since moving to the neighborhood five years ago, Mike has volunteered with several neighborhood groups, including Upper Eutaw Madison Neighborhood Association which led him to the Madison Whitelock Park restoration project and Nature Sacred. Mike is thrilled to be a part of making this park a true asset for the community, where people of diverse ages, races and religions can come to play, learn, relax, and connect with each other.

My Sacred Place

Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park

Combine historical meaning and current art, and the result is the Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park — a green space devoted to its community.

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