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Quiana Roberts

Quiana is a career civil servant with the Federal Government where she works as a Program Manager. She is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded a real estate development company with four other minority women. She is a devoted mother of two beautiful daughters who are very active in the arts – Dance, Theatre, Singing, Drawing, etc. Quiana is also a self-proclaimed humanitarian and community activist. She currently serves on the board of several community service and family centric organizations, including serving as the Treasurer of her neighborhood association – Upper Eutaw Madison Neighborhood Assoc. (UEMNA).

I love beautiful things and it’s important for me to surround myself with beauty. Nature – trees, flowers, grass – are beautiful to me. I consider our park to be the heart of our community; somewhere neighbors can meet and become friends. I see it as the place that elevates our neighborhood from a group of people that live in the same vicinity to a community of like-minded people who are invested in where they live and want to spend time here.

My Sacred Place

Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park

Combine historical meaning and current art, and the result is the Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park — a green space devoted to its community.

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