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Tom Corson

Tom, son of SIFAT co-founders Ken and Sarah Corson, was born in Puerto Rico, and his childhood was spent there and in Alabama, Bolivia and Haiti. Tom went to college at Miami Dade Community College in Florida and obtained his aviation degree from Hesston College in Kansas. After spending several years working for Groundwater Protection Corporation, Tom returned to SIFAT in 1996 and has been executive director since 1998. Tom and his wife, Dyla, have three children: Josiah, Sarah Wynn and Samuel.

My Sacred Place

Sarah’s Garden at SIFAT Campus, in partnership with CFNEA

Sarah’s Garden beckons the public to come, sit, unwind, think, pray, and meditate. It is an ideal place for those with mental health issues, as it sets up a therapeutic space. But overall, it is a communal setting for all to simply relax and reflect.

Meet Another Firesoul

Jenenne Whitfield

Hailing from Detroit, Jenenne’s professional background is rooted in the intersections of nature, people and art. Prior to coming to AVAM, Jenenne worked for an organization that utilizes discarded materials to create art and beautification projects within community landscape. Now as the Director of the American Visionary Art Museum, she gets to take her practice...


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