Nature-in-Place Curated Picks
May 21 Dispatch

We're proud of you — staying resilient in the face of this ongoing crisis, when many of us are working through grief, loss and anxieties of many kinds. Let's do a collective deep-breath, acknowledge that we're in this together, and find a few moments to regroup, in, or near, nature. Here are a few ideas to get you started, pulled together in observation of Mental Health Awareness Month. 

The Great Realisation.

This may be the best 4 minutes you’ll spend this week. Watch this short video — a moving poem that’s sure to refuel your optimism tank. 

Enjoy this poem.  

Lunch tours in nature.

Join the Natural Habitat & WWF every weekday at 1 MT for your Daily Dose of Nature! 150 guides from around the will “inspire you as we get through this challenging time together” through daily escapes to interesting nature destinations.

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In. A. Trance.

This is mesmerizingly stunning. Enjoy this short animation about the life cycle of flowers, with very beautiful audio. “They pass on the baton of life, rebirth and decay. Everything is so in a continuous, endless cycle.” Ah. Perspective. 


Escape with The Story of Flowers  

The American Heart Association sends us 10 nature tips.

And we’ll happily take ’em! 

Here's 10 relaxing nature activities.