The Muslim Family Center has been serving Muslims living and working in Howard County, MD for over a decade. They strive to nurture spiritual excellence within families by offering purposeful programs and services in an uplifting and inclusive environment.The Center’s location is very accessible but in need of much support to reach their visioned community space. The community includes many active volunteers and families who travel from other counties to spend time here whenever the opportunity arises.

There is currently no space to meet or hold events, requiring the Center to rent spaces or meet in nearby parks. This space would welcome anyone and everyone who would like to spend time in it — whether they are part of the community, or simply passing by, just like any other community center — particularly young adults and children.The site is nestled behind MFC’s building, offering ample open space as well as a more wooded area towards the back of the site. A Sacred Place here would enable folks to come together more often and feel like they have roots within the larger community.