St. Luke’s Youth Center (SLYC) is an organization run by and for families who live or work in West Baltimore, making it possible for them to access opportunities and resources such as support groups for caregivers, coworking space with computer and Internet access, career support, summer camps, and children’s enrichment programming. In particular, they serve the low-income neighborhoods of Franklin Square, Poppleton, and surrounding areas where families are navigating not just parenthood but also food insecurity, economic insecurity, and crime.

Although this site is gated for security reasons, Nature Sacred’s community-led engagement process would support SLYC’s interest in increasing safety, accessibility, and involvement of the broader community. Some design needs — such as a retreat for caregivers — have already been determined through a charrette that was held as part of some planning work several years ago. Nature Sacred’s partnership on this site would help restore these dreams to the forefront and turn them into reality.