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Stony Run

In north central Baltimore City, a 3-mile long walking trail follows the path of the Stony Run stream and offers people a means to immerse themselves in nature; a true escape from urban life. The Stony Run’s linear park is framed by many school campuses and residential neighborhoods; toward its northern end, one can find a Sacred Place.  

Community park

The original Firesoul, Dr. Michael Beer, retired chairman of John Hopkins University biophysics department, was committed to the upkeep of the park, and for many years organized the replanting of native species there. When the Jones Falls Watershed Association proposed a bench honoring his efforts, he selected the location for the Nature Sacred bench to be installed in view of the stream, sheltered by trees. It serves as a tribute to his memory and as a reminder of the ongoing importance of volunteer stewardship activities, now carried forward through Friends of Stony Run.  
The space attracts anyone using the trail who wants to take a sidestep into a shady spot where one can listen to the stream and birdcalls, watch for wildlife, and spend a quiet, contemplative moment or more. As evidenced by years of journal entries, we know the space is welcoming many different kinds of people—from all walks of life—united in their appreciation of this opportunity for respite, rejuvenation, and, often, sharing. 

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Janet Felsten

Janet Felsten holds her community dear; she is someone who sincerely values the stewardship of her surroundings and sees access to nature as an essential element of urban life. In taking the responsibility for being a Firesoul, Janet says, “I am representing the larger community of neighborhood residents who collectively care for and value this…

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