About this Sacred Place

Bryan Health’s new April Sampson Cancer Center aims to unite and streamline all cancer services in the Lincoln area. Acknowledging the anxiety and stress experienced by patients when they have to seek out different locations for each of their treatments, the Cancer Center will alleviate this burden, as it provides not only clinical treatments but also offers a plethora of services to steward patients’ mental and social health, ensure easily accessible conveniences, and establish a caring, comforting environment while patients undergo this process. This scope of services includes an emphasis on soothing natural surroundings with plenty of walking trails — underscoring Bryan Health’s understanding of how essential nature is to our wellbeing and our ability to heal. 

Nature Sacred is working with the Bryan Health community, neighboring residents, local non-profits, and other stakeholders to provide a design centered on the unique needs of this community. This healing garden will provide staff, patients, family members, and visitors to this visionary campus a natural sanctuary and place of respite.


Design Team

Jay Graham, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, Moody Graham Landscape Architecture

Lanshing Hwang, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, Symbiosis

Avantika Dalal, project designer, Moody Graham Landscape Architecture