About this Sacred Place

The Arc of Central Chesapeake Region, Inc. (The Arc) has created a decorative MaryLandscapes Sensory Garden designed for people with developmental disabilities, their families and the Annapolis community. The Arc property was transformed from a useless junk yard of old tires, concrete, blacktop, broken bottles, non-native trees and invasive plants, into a beautiful native garden. This garden has become a living legacy to the many volunteers and sponsors who committed themselves to bringing the joys of nature to their fellow citizens. The sensory garden represents a small urban park setting composed of a diverse set of mini-gardens, e. g., dogwood grove, woodland ferns, wildflower meadow, butterfly station, rock garden, wetlands pond. The garden focuses on the five human senses, with plants, shrubs, and trees of various textures, fragrances, shapes, colors and water sounds. It is located along the Spa Creek Trail which connects West Street, the main street in Annapolis, to the residential neighborhoods in Annapolis.