With TNC’s focus on creating spaces that serve to decrease our environmental footprint—specifically through the capture and remediation of stormwater and the planting of native species to increase wildlife habitat and ameliorate the urban heat island effect that raises temperatures in areas with little to no shade—and Nature Sacred’s commitment to community visioning to foster social healing, our missions run in a neat counterpoint that lends itself well to a partnership. These Sacred Places use thoughtful design to achieve ecological and social health outcomes.

Sacred Places

  • The American Geophysical Union’s outdoor plaza incorporates strategies to reduce the urban heat island effect and retain stormwater while fostering a healthy, collaborative work environment that invites people to reflect in nature.
  • The garden at the Mount Olivet Cemetery, installed with extensive assistance from the cemetery staff and the Archdiocese of Washington, not only captures millions of gallons of stormwater that would otherwise run off into the Anacostia River, but also includes two commemorative benches designed to allow families or small groups to reflect and pray.

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