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Susie Bruninga

Susie is a mostly retired editor, who spent most of her career covering environmental policy issues. She has lived in D.C. for 35 years and in the Rock Creek neighborhood for 14. When Susie learned of plans to build townhouses on the green space behind her block, she helped organize the neighbors to stop it. Along with several of her neighbors, Susie was instrumental in getting the owners of the land to donate it to Washington Parks and People so it could be preserve as a sacred green space for all. Susie has been the unofficial coordinator of maintenance in the space and looks forward to working on cleaning it up, planting native species and making it a nice oasis for the community to enjoy. In her free time, Susie enjoys a variety of other outdoor activities including birding, hiking and kayaking.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so much natural beauty in the middle of this big, important city. I think the presence of nearby Rock Creek Park and smaller spaces such as Piney Spring Green help calm us and remind us of our place in the planet. I know people enjoy walking through the green or watching their kids play there. It really brings the community together and provides a place of solace. It also provides much needed habitat for the wealth of birds and critters that visit the area.


My Sacred Place

Piney Spring Green – Coming Soon

A healing, space at the headwaters of Piney Branch, Rock Creek.

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