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Mentone, AL 35984, USA

About this Sacred Place

The Dr. Stephen Brewer Sculpture Garden at the Mentone Arts & Culture Center is no ordinary garden. Located in Mentone, Alabama, this Sacred Place pays its homage to the Native Americans who once lived on the ground it stands on through different statues and designs in the park. In addition to honoring the past, the Sculpture Garden is a space that helps shapes the future. The garden was originally intended to serve as a place of inspiration and reflection for the general public, but it additionally gives tourists and local residents a serene place to visit on a regular basis.

One of the highlights of the garden is a Carl McCleskey-commissioned bronze statue of one of the great legends of the Cherokee people, Sequoyah. Not only does the statue honor the importance of Native American contributions to the land, but it also showcases the talents of McCleskey, one of the region’s most renowned artists. The Sculpture Garden is the ideal blend of both beautiful art, serene nature, and a true Sacred Place of respite for the entire community.