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Langdon Community Park (9/11 Site)

The project website states that “the Memorial Tree Groves Project will pay lasting tribute to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 with one central and eight ward-based neighborhood memorial tree groves." This is one of the eight neighborhood groves that will be created both to remember September 11 and to celebrate the community that surrounds it.

Community park
Memorial garden

2901 20th St NE
Washington, DC 20018

Langdon Park was selected as the official Ward 5 grove by the steering committee of the citywide project because of the presence of a community recreation center, amphitheatre, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, and a picnic area. It is a park with a number of potential uses, but it is still underutilized due to a certain amount of fear associated with a murder that occurred in the park many years ago. Through some landscape changes and clearing of site lines, GreenSpaces for DC Director Barry Goodinson hopes that more users will be invited into the park.

Goodinson is planning for a community organizer who can help work with all of the pending satellite groves. All the sites are currently being surveyed to create base maps for initial site analysis and design concepts. Eventually, as the projects grow, there will be participatory design meetings, community plantings, dedications, and possibly ongoing events. The project remains to be shaped by the local stewards in concert with GreenSpaces for DC and the parks department. A related effort is currently occuring with the community library that sits next to the park. The building was slated for redevelopment, and Goodinson and the parks department are working with the city and the library to try and encourage it to reorient itself to face the park. Currently, the building turns its back on the park, when it could feature windowed views to the green space.

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